Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fancy taller


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Target wanted

I am really excited to get my new rifle. But who would volunteer to be my target?



Oh does anybody know someone or their relatives that work in airlines or knows travel agents?

If you do, please talk to me.


So I have come to a solution that my main three hobbies are the following in no particular order:

1. Magic
2. Photography
3. Singing

If you would have ranked me bring number 1 is my favorite and 3 is my 3rd favorite, how would you rank?


Warning: View Discretion is Advised
So I was flipping through paper and organizing deals, I have noticed that one of them is wet, I found it really interesting, but impossible. Then I noticed it is red, and my hand is red, I was bleeding a lot, I cut myself but I did not even noticed! Cleaned up, when to restroom. Came back, trying to closed the folder, "bam!", when it closed, this time not paper, the metal part almost snapped into my finger, this time even deeper, bleeding instantly, scared the shit out of me. Put the finger in my mouth, asked my co-workers for bandage.

Good lord I need to be careful. People who knows me how important my hands are. Maybe I should get insurance for them.

Monday, August 18, 2008


劉翔 (Liu Xiang) is out!? Are you kidding me!!!???


Being a "sniper" myself, I am getting a new "rifle" and I am going to "shoot" everyone down.

Friday, August 15, 2008


"What!? It's not Friday? I thought it is Friday. You just ruined my day."


Last week

I would like to let everyone know that I have eaten 17 plates of sushi two days ago, and my... it was a lot! I felt so full and the two seats beside me and my friend Terence left twice before we finished.

Olympics is heating up because atheletics events are coming up, which means US is going to crawl up in the gold medal list. China, you have to do your best and prove to the world that we are number 1!

Yesterday something kind of interesting happened at the MTR station when I was going online during lunch time. A group of college students approached me and ask if I have a business card because they are playing a game. I gave them mine. When they are walking away, I overheard them saying "Wow, he is a magician."


Only one more week, and for those who have asked when I am coming back, I will be departuring from Hong Kong on 8/26, you do the Math. I am really excited to get my new doves, creating a new dove act, living in a new apartment and going to school again. I hope this summer experience can help me through school and thus improve my overall grades comparing to last semester. Though there are some up and down in this two months, but I have to admit that this has been the most meaningful summer ever, really opened my eyes to the world. People in university are just like planets in a galaxy. Due to this great experience, I have written a Chinese poem regarding this trip, but since the words are too hard and I am too lazy to look up and words, copy and paste here. I will sure show everyone when I come back.


p.s. Once again, I have made Derren Brown becomes Terence's idol, and he is now super interested in cold reading and NLP. Muahaha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It is Olympics, it is time for me to break my own record.

For those of you who did not know, my record of eating sushi is 20 plates (40 pieces) of sushi, and I am planning to at least tie or break the record tomorrow night. Although I look skinny and does not look like I can accumulate a lot of food, but when I am hungry and it comes to food, I am a monster.

I know some of you are telling me not to do it, but do not worry, I am 20 years old, I know when to stop and control myself.

GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!
GO CHINA!!! 中国加油!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Medal tracker

Should we rank by how many gold medals each country got or how many total medals each country got? Because the official website of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics ranked by gold medals but SI ranked by total medals.

What do YOU guys think?

Friday, August 8, 2008

謝安琪 - Binary

謝安琪 - Binary

中国加油!!! (If you do not understand Chinese, please ask your Chinese parents to explain this blog to you!)

中国加油!中国加油!中国加油! 我们全国同胞都在支持你们!


Thursday, August 7, 2008



Congratulations to Edsel Chiu.

Funny thing happened today. I got banned from one of Central's Pacific Coffee Company officially today. It happened like this:

I went in and went online as usual. After a while, I assume it is the manager, as it has always been the manager that came over and asked if I want to order something. For the past couple weeks, I dropped the same line, "I will be done really quick." But I remember last time I was arguing with that dumb ass manager saying nobody is using it, so probably this time after I dropped the "I will be done really quick" line, she said "You come here everyday..." I completely ignored her and took off. Funny as hell! I seriously want to go play with that stupid lady again, I wish she will call the police or security to take me out, so that I can leave before they arrive. That would have been funnier. I want to leave a note on the monitor saying this, "I used it again today, but you did not catch me."

Back to work.

勝不驕, 敗不餒!!!

勝不驕, 敗不餒!!!

Calm down

So I have calmed myself down and going back to work again. Due to the typhoon yesterday, I have stayed at home most of the time and rest. It was a relaxing day. Today I feel like it is Monday again, but the weekend is coming, that means Olympics is coming. I just want to tell you that I am super excited for that.

My grandparents are coming back from US this Friday, and I am going to pick them up tomorrow night after work. Hence, I am going to miss the Olympics open ceremony.

Go China!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fuck! Fuck! And fuck you more!

I do not FUCKING want to work in a FUCKING bank again!

FUCK this fucking piece of FUCKING piece of god damn shit!

Son of a motherfucking bitch.


When we read the news and see people commit suicide over work pressure and we often say, "That is stupid, those people are stupid." People, it is easier said than done. Now I know why they commit suicide, if I have to work here for a year, I probably cannot take the pressure and kill myself as well.

Fuck this, three weeks left, I am acting and singing. For those of you who say it is dreamy and impossible, go fuck yourself in the mirror. As I will prove you wrong, you filthy whore.

Monday, August 4, 2008

2008-2009 semester goal.

1. Maintain 3.0 and above GPA.
2. Create a dove act.
3. Learn photoshop. But first I have to get photoshop from someone:P
4. Not skip more than 1 badminton class because I know if it is an easy A class, I would skip a lot.
5. Make lots of new friends.

Upset on unfairness

I am really upset from yesterday. I hope for those of you who read this do not think of me as blaming and bringing up excuse for not winning. Basically I will appreciate for those who are better than me and got in finals, but I really cannot forget the fact that my magician friend there told me that one of the final contestants got in ever year because they are members of Hong Kong Magicians Association and are really close to the judges, and the other final contestants represents Hong Kong for some competitions before and they have to give him some respect.

Personally I think it is really unfair for me, I do admit that some of the acts do beat my act and I really admire how good they are. But I cannot believe that some of the acts that I believe doesn't stand near getting into finals got in. Simply the fact that I won some International magic competitions and won a prestigious award from the Magic Castle this year and do not even get into finals because of some Hong Kong relationship problems drives me crazy.

You tell me, how can a same act got 2nd runner-up can represents US and get 2nd-runner up at a world contest does not get into finals of a local contest. It. Does. Not. Make. Sense.


Friday, August 1, 2008

New close-up mat

I went to the wood store this early morning to pick up my new close-up mat and I am very satisfied with it:)

This is the one I am going to use for competition, wish me good luck!


Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ha-Lim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim! An Ha-Lim!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Final answer

So I have decided:

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am a magician.

I do not even remember the first time I tell people that I am a magician, but I remember the first time I told my friends that my Dad is a magician, which was a complete lie, but I said that because to support my magical skill to my fellow classmate when I was in first grade. I told everyone everytime I did good in an exam, my Dad will teach me a new magic, everyone was so jealous back then. I always wanted to be a magician when I was young, and I cannot I actually fulfill my dream at this moment.

I have entered numerous magic contest, including regional, international, world-wide and even invitational, and I have well placed in many of them. But the one that it is coming up in five days is different. Not only it is the first one that is going to be held in Asia, but it is also the one that I have dreamed of entering for four years. I still remember the day me and my Mom was at a shopping mall and I begged my mom to let me stay longer just to enter this competition because I felt that I can win at that time which I will be in the teen category. I was very sad that day. And I have decided to work hard and enter the open category in the up coming years. Here I am, five days from the actual contest, my most confident one so far. I have support from everyone, and everyone greet me before I left to Hong Kong, and I tell you what, I will not let you guys down. The good thing about this competition is that not only we can find out if we get into finals the same day, we also find out if we get placed the same day. My only concern is that American style of magic and Asian style of magic is different, and I am not sure how the judges will view me. But no matter what, I will do my best and hope for the best.

p.s. I saw the pictures of Bryan uploaded on his facebook, and I am very excited to live in the apartment with him:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So the result is not out yet, but I have hacked into the third round contestants page and I found out I am not in there. I seriously do not understand why people that picked songs that are not even competition songs made it in. I really have objection on that. But the fact is I have not made it and I have to face it like a man, and I hope all my friends will appreciate it and keep supporting me no matter what. But seriously when I found out I am not in third round, my tear was flowing like a river in my heart, and nobody can feel it.

All I can do now is work hard for another year and hopefully come back next year and do it again. Fortunately, there is another singing competition in four days and there are two rounds, even though this is a smaller competition there are still roughly 60 people entering, and I will continue to do my best on it.


I just remember I have read this, and it will cheer me up, quote from Wikipedia:

"While Lee was still studying at Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, Lee entered the TVB new talent show along with Alex To, William So, Vivian Chow, Grasshopper, and Eddie Ng. Although he did not get into the top 30, his passion for singing made him enter another competition. Lee won the 1985 Hong Kong 18 District Singing Contest singing "Love in the Fog" (霧之戀), a song made famous by Alan Tam, and was offered a contract with PolyGram Records[1]. As a new and relatively unknown singer, the sales of his first EP album "李克勤 (EP)" did not even reach the 5,000 mark. However, in 1988, he appeared in a TVB television series "Teenage No More" (不再少年時), which ignited his popularity and his career started taking off."

I believe that failure can only make me stronger, and whoever give up so easily and are not persistance with their goals will never success. Entertainment and performing arts is my dream, I will do whatever it takse to step on top of the mountain, this competition lost is only one of the hundreds, or even thousands of stepping stone that I will came across. I still remember that day that Cyril told me, "Follow your passion, and the rest will follow.". It is true.

I am real, I have goals, I have persistance, I have passion, now THAT is the Edsel I am talking about.


The result has still not been out, and as my Mom told me, according to the website they are suppose to announce the contestants in the beginning of July, and I do not have high hopes anymore. I know lots of my friends are supporting me on this, and I feel really bad giving them a bad expectation. But whatever happens will happen.

Due to this incident, I was so dazed out during lunch. It has been bothering me and was on my mind the whole past two days. So when I was eating lunch, when I finished my meal and was about to grab my cup of milk tea, it slipped out of my hand and I spilled the whole cup of tea on my lap. And I yelled, "Shit!" The funny thing was the owner said he can give me another one and if I want it, I told him no. People gave me napkins, owner told me where I can get more napkins, took care of myself, paid the bill and left the place:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come on...

为什么结果还没出来, 我已经等到我的脖子都长啦! 不过应该今天会出的了:)

How come the result is still not out yet! I am waiting for so long that my neck has grown longer already. But I think it is going to come out today:)

Friday, July 18, 2008


我现在很高兴我学会了怎样打中文, 但是是简体:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tension has been released.

It just means you are not in first and second round.
This notice just said that you can come to appreciate the second & the third round of the Singing Contest.
Thank you for your request, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the second & the third round.


This is what I just got, so guys, I still have a chance to be in the third round, let's all pray for me:)

I want to do another shout out to everyone, even though there are lots of people I want to shout, but here are a few important ones:

Parents: Do not worry about me working here, I am doing my best and turning in reports in time, just enjoy your time in US without your son yelling at the house and driving you guys crazy:P

Sister: Tune yourself up next semester.

Bryan Ku: Brother, I miss you, I really do. I know this is repetitive, but I really look forward to live with you next semester!

Catherine Nang: I LOVE your new haircut and you better come visit our apartment and go get doves together:)

Robert Apodaca: Where have you been!? I hope you still go to castle meetings. You got to help me out with my act. I found couple potential assistance for my dove act.

Jeffery Black: From what I have seen on youtube, you have improved a lot, I cannot wait to jam with you at the September meeting!

Terence Lai: I want to apologize for not having enough time to take pictures with you yesterday, but I promise I will make it up in the near future! I really appreciate you coming out to have lunch with me.

Kenneth Hui: Stop staying at home, but enjoy the "beautiful" sunlight and the "fresh" air of Hong Kong.

Marga Chanco: What do you want besides UNI QLO?

Reeny Wang: ......


So recently I have been bothered by these three words and I almost couldn't sleep. The result of the third section of the competition is suppose to be out next Monday. But I have received an e-mail that I am not sure if it means I am not going to be in the first round. I have sent them an e-mail and am waiting for their reply.

I am sorry for disappointing all of you. But just to let everyone know this is not confirmed yet, but it has just been bothering me a lot because this competition means a lot to me.

暫末能, 暫末能, 暫末能......

Monday, July 14, 2008


Come on! I am not in the second round either:( I am starting to get nervous and concern. Result of third round will announce next Monday. No matter if I make it or not, I will keep everyone posted on it!

Am I going to be in the third round or am I going home empty handed?

Please pray for me people...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Know your food.

I just got back from the team lunch. It was amazing and let me tell you why.

If you know me well enough, you know that Ikura sushi and Uni sushi have been my favorites under the sushi umbrella. I did not order sushi mix box set simply because it costs more than 200 dollars. I ordered 豬軟骨拉麵 (Soft bone pork udon). My teammates' food has come and they ordered sushi mix box set. I have been staring at my teammates' sushi for the whole meal since the box set contains two of my favorites sushi. As I mentioned before, the worst feeling is sitting next to something and knowing that you cannot have it. They kept leaving it there and eat other sushi! I thought they are saving the best for last. So we continued our meal until they sat back and left the ikura sushi and uni sushi there. I was telling myself, "Oh my god... are you telling me both of you are not eating those?" My heart got excited but do not have the guts to ask if they are eating it. Until, the server came and asked if they want it, both of them said no, and I stopped all of them, and said, "You don't want these!?". Yes, they told me have all of them and they continued their conversation while I enjoyed them myself. Those two sushi worths the meal itself and my stomach is very thankful.

Just in case you guys want to know what the food looks like, see pictures below. I didn't take these pictures, I just googled them. But I have to tell you, it is even better than this. Enjoy.

豬軟骨拉麵 (Soft bone pork udon)

Ikura sushi (Salmon roe sushi)

Uni sushi (Sea urchin sushi)

If you have time and money, go to this restaurant, I totally recommand it and it is called Miso.

iphone and singing

Since I have decided to get the new iphone, I have been trying to find out a way to get it. I cannot activate in Hong Kong, so the only way is someone get it for me in the states. But here are the challenges that I will overcome with.

1. Who would get it for me?
2. What if the person that is getting one for me is getting one for himself? Can one person get two iphones?

I really want one and I really want someone to get it for me. I will treat him/her dinner or buy him/her a present. I would really appreciate it.


So I did not get a call for competing in the first section of first round. I hope I am in either the second or third section.


Things have cleared up, I now have a new life:)


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


After going around and trying a variety of drink/food:

Best coffee goes to: 翠華餐廳
Best milk tea goes to: 蘭芳園/輕鬆飲 (Tie)
Best 車仔麵 goes to: 極之好

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The One

I am THE happiest person on Earth.

1. I am working with JP Morgan as a summer intern under Treasury and Security Services.
2. I LOVE my beautiful parents who support me in every way.
3. I have the best sister in the world.
4. I have a list of GREAT friends that I can share emotions with.
5. I am touring everywhere in Hong Kong to hunt for the best cusine in the world.
6. I am shopping for the latest fashion with my own money.
7. I have the opportunity to enter competitions that I have been waiting for years.
8. I have the passion and confidence to pursue my dream.

Now, are YOU happy:)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Fuck this motherfucking bullshit. Do not fucking crash on me again.

Sorry guys for cussing, I was really pissed off and frustrated.



I am going to explode.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here is the result everyone is waiting for, roughly 300 people audition, and I waited for more than 6 hours, 3 judges, American Idol status (Credit to Bryan Ku), so did I get in first round? The answer is I do not know yet. Sorry for disappointing everyone, but the good news is I am going to find out within this two weeks to see if I am going to compete first round on 12th, 20th or 26th. Or maybe I will not get in first round at all! Who knows?

The competition level is really high, I heard couple contestants sing, and most of them are really good, a lot better than I expected. Thus, they are only taking 60 people. I did my best, and I have confidence that I will get in first round:)

I will keep you guys posted!

This is it...

It's showtime.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kick ass!

Dedication, hardwork, consistency, confidence.

Audition, there is no going back, step aside people, here I come, it's showtime...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speak the right language!

Why do people send the wrong signals? It was so obvious and then it went from high in the sky all the way down to earth. Why? I hate that feeling where I am all excited that it all seems like my dream comes true and then all of a sudden I ask myself, what just happened? Can this not happen again next time? Please? I want it to be real next time, even though it is only two months, but having it for two months is enough for me, because I know I will cherish the time. I know it sounds cliche but it is all true when it comes to life. The worst feeling to me is sitting next to something that you know you cannot get.

N, just once. It comes to us, so please let it stay.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Talking about my favorite fashion brands...

These are some of my favorite brands not in order:

1. Bape
2. Billionare Boys Club
3. Ice Cream
4. Stussy
5. Supreme
6. Head Porter
7. Zoo York
8. Base Control
9. Silly Thing
10. Original Fake
11. Undercover
12. Neighborhood
13. Maison Martin Margiela
14. Comme des Garcons
15. Tough
16. Bauhaus
17. Levi's
18. Kenneth Cole
19. Atmos
20. X-large
21. Freshjive
22. Agnes b.
23. Evisu
24. Saru
25. Zara
26. Superdry
27. Franklin Marshall
28. Cubic
29. Giordano Concepts
30. Express

On the other hand, fashion magazine.
For guys, I recommand reading "Milk".
For girls, I recommand reading "Vivi".

Asia is the heaven for fashion! Period.

Friday, June 27, 2008


My work right now is really tough, and it is getting repetitive. But yet, I really like it because it brushes up my Word and Excel skill by a lot. I know lots of commands and functions that I will never use or know if I wasn't working here. I am a stage person, don't you think? I love performing, talking to people, making friends, being on stage... That IS my dream, and I am going to pursue it.

Next is how, I am going to enter as many competitions as possible, perform as much as I can so that I can gain more "stage experience". I am going to start my study of either Theater or Music in Hong Kong after I graduate from college in America. I believe in couple years, I am going to make a move in the entertainment industry. People say it is impossible and it is really hard. I always want to ask those people, what is "hard"? You don't try, you don't take risk, of course it is impossible and hard. Using that idea to apply on everything in your life, you are never going to make anything. Loo at all the CEO, actors, and other successful individuals, do you think the steps they took are easy? Let me tell you, things that come easy go easy, we will never learn how to cherish if things just come to ourselves without any hardwork. It takes enthusiasm, talent, confidence, dedication and risk. It is my passion and my goal, I can do it because I have faith in myself and many people to support me. Wish me luck. But for now, I am going to work hard and finish this two months of training in Hong Kong with the best of my abilities.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A shoutout to people that I love and miss in no particular order:

Dad & Mom - Thanks for sending me over to Hong Kong and give me such a great opportunity to experience in a big firm.

Grandpa & Grandma - Thanks for letting me stay at the house and giving me money to spend in Hong Kong.

Sister - Stop dreaming about Leo Ku, I will introduce him to you when I am in the entertainment industry in the future.

Bryan Ku - Stop having too much concern, it seems like recently you have lots of thoughts in your head. Put them away, enjoy your summer while it lasts.

Catherine Nang - Go tell Kayla to forget Max, she deserves someone better.

Robert Apodaca - Do not waste all my time and effort that I put on you in magic, cherish your talent and work harder in magic like you used to be.

Jeffery Black - Practice magic other than Dan and Dave's materials. I want to see more improvements on you when I come back.

Terence Lai - I hope you are having fun in England. Sorry we couldn't hang out a lot last year, I promise this year I will make it up.

Kenneth Hui - I hope you had fun at camp, looking forward to see you soon.

Roger Au-Yeung - Please buy lots of stuff in Japan, especially Commes des Garcons, Bape and Head Porter because they are half the price in Hong Kong.


Please forgive me if I have missed your name, kindly remind me and I will have a big shout to you!


Monday, June 23, 2008


希望在明天, 機會是不懂得等人的, 是自己爭取回來的.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No way

I do not understand how people can stand it for more than ten years, I personally cannot stand it for more than ten weeks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


1. Drink 6-8 cups of water everyday
2. Sleep before 12:45am from Sunday to Thursday
3. Prepare for "Music with you" singing competition 2008 (Open)
4. Prepare for "18 Districts Super Rising Star" singing competition 2008 (Open)
5. Prepare for Hong Kong close-up magic competition 2008 (Open)
6. Shop like there is no tomorrow
7. Meet with my friends from US, UK, Canada and Hong Kong
8. Stay happy
9. Smile
10. Update my blog


Monday, June 16, 2008

Quote of the day

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Use the stairs

Something really cracked me up when I was taking the elevator up to work yesterday that I almost couldn't hold in. You all know how the closest person to the door is the one suppose to be in charge of the opening and closing button. So everyone went in and it was closing halfway and another person was running and tried to catch the ride, of course, the person that was in charge pressed open and let the person in. We were ready to go and the door was closing halfway again, and then out of no where another person ran and tried to catch this ride as well, same thing happened, door was opened again, closed halfway, another person ran... It happened almost three to four times and the guy next to me was giggling, and I was laughing so hard inside. It is just something that you have to be there.

Time for work, and it is Friday, getting ready for the weekends. Cheers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am currently "training" my legs to be invincible subconsiously, because every weekend I went shopping a lot, looked at tons of new fashion, thinking about new ideas how to match them, and deciding which ones to buy. I have finally decided to order a pair of jeans, and I have picked them up last Friday. Do not ask how much, it is expensive. Everyone has different perspective, I love fashion, so I think it worths it. I still need to buy shirts, polos, hats... I just cannot stop shopping in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, one of the most amazing thing happened couple days ago. One of my friend from CSULB tapped my shoulder when I was waiting for my boba in Mongkok, I was shocked because it is such a coincidence. Her name is Mimi, and she is now studying in Hong Kong. The reason why she was in CSULB for a semester was she was an exchange student.

I performed magic once again at the same shop called Bauhaus. All the employees are impressed and it was extremely fun. One thing I found kind of funny is since I shopped so much, most of the employees start to recognize me and told me that they recognize me. For those of you who have never been to Hong Kong or have not gone back for a while have to come to Hong Kong, because there is no question that it is one of the most exciting city in the world.

And oh, forgot to mention, I am actually working in the office at this moment, lunch time is almost over. Cheers.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working diversely

Today is my first day working, ad it has been pretty interesting. I met with my one of my teammates, Jamie Yang, and she introduced me to lots of important people, gave me a tour in the office. She then sat down with me in the conference room to get to know a little background about me. Long story short, today I learned about the compay and read lots of articles. One thing found interesting is you do not have to know how to speak Cantonese, you just have to know how to speak English, and people in the office are extremely diverse.

After working in Hong Kong the first day for the first time, I feel that my intuition has always been correct. Employees in the states are just so god damn slow. If you are in Hong Kong, even working in McDonalds, you can feel the tension and the efficiency around you, everywhere is extremely competitive and everyone is very smart.

My heart got touched for a second today when I was walking to MTR station after dinner. On my way there, I believe a Dad was yelling at his daughter on the street, and the one and only sentence I heard from him was very sad, "I just want you to spend some time with me..." I am calling all my friends out there, spend some time with your dad, your mom, or at least give them a call if they are working overseas, cherish your time with them while it lasts.

On the other hand, for some exciting news. I am extremely excited because the competition that I has been waiting forever has finally arrived, and the time matches me, and I will not miss it. It is the "Hong Kong Open Close-up Magic Competition" which will be held on August 3rd. After competing at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas past month, I am more than comfortable in this competition and have confidence in it.

It is time to get home and get some rest. Cheers.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hong Kong and me

It is currently 1:48pm and I have gotten most of my stuff done and I also went shopping already even though I did not buy anything yet. I have a very good feeling about this trip to Hong Kong, and I predict everything is going to come my way. Why? Because everyone is just so god damn nice to me for some reason, the three people sitting next to me on the plane, the taxi driver... The most interesting one was when I went to look for some jeans, one of the sales came over and promote jeans to me, and all of a sudden, another one came over and told her to let her sale jeans to me instead. And then they both asked if I came from overseas and we all started talking for a little bit. Another interesting thing is I feel weird, or I should feel proud because everywhere I go to and everywhere I enter, I am the tallest person in the room, and everyone just looked over, I feel like a celebrity.

Well, I cannot contact any of my friends yet since either I do not have their number or they are not back to Hong Kong yet. I am heading back to my home right now and waiting for my friends to call me. Cheers.